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Florist Bunbury

Florist Bunbury

Florist Bunbury – Fresh Flowers South West is the business website of Fresh Floral Studio who are based in Eaton. We also deliver our great range of floristry products to the suburb of Bunbury and surrounds. Fresh Floral Studio was created by Samantha Atkins in 2015. As a specialty florist in the south west, we specialise in weddings and wedding flowers.  We we also create a diverse range of floral arrangements. We are a small business and as such we are able to respond quickly to the changing fashions within our industry.

Samantha delivers flowers all over the south west region including the suburb of Bunbury. So don’t be discouraged because the studio is based in Eaton. Samantha really cares about her clients and is literally able to go the extra mile. She always assures that if you deal with her you will get the very best of service. Samantha offers the very best floral arrangements available in the south west and Bunbury specifically.

Valentines Day Flowers Bunbury

Fresh Flora Studio is a small, exciting niche business. It has developed products that display both simplicity and beauty. Samantha’s extensive and passionate career in the floral industry, has equipped her to be able to take timeless floral products and give them a very modern twist. She loves doing flowers for Valentines Day, and has some great gift ideas as well as Valentines Day flowers. So, looking for wedding flowers, Valentines Day flowers or flowers for other events and you live in Bunbury? Look no further than Fresh Floral Studio.